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Motivating Yourself With Your Present Job

Working for a living is what people often do. He feels happy when accepted by the establishment he is applying to. At first he feels inspired and energetic in performing his tasks. However, during the turning point of the job, he started to feel bored. The feeling of not being content with the salary he is earning starts to nag his conscience. Thus, he decided to look for another job then for a couple of months he would resign again.

All statements above only mean that motivation with his job is not obvious. Motivation is having the strength or courage and other positive attitude to be doing the best he can and aiming for the objectives of the company where he are working with.

There are different motivating factors one must be familiar with. Some of these factors are salary raise, promotion and additional workload, and rewards such as gift certificates and the like.

1. In the salary raise aspect, if he wants to earn a raise, he must do more than what he is doing today. He cannot expect the management to give what he aims for if he does not work hard for it. Making the best of what you have to do is a motivation itself. If one is already doing his best, another factor would follow and that would be a promotion.

2. Promotions and additional workload are for people who are strong enough to face the trials ahead of them and people who are courageous enough to implement the rules of the company where he is working at.

3. Once being promoted expect that greater responsibility is at stake. If one is striving hard, everything else will follow and that includes higher compensation and additional benefits may it in cash or other valuable items that anybody longed to have.

It can be observed that basing on the aforementioned statements, motivation must come from within the person. One must not wait outside force to be motivated but he must have it. If motivation can not be attained during quiet some time of working, it would be best for him and the company to quit from the company he currently works with. It might not be a nice solution but it is the best for both parties. If he wants to stay in the company he is working then he must start doing what he needs to be done in order to attain what he is aiming for.

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