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3 Simple Ways to Help You Make a Better Decision

Have you ever struggled deciding on something? Have you dealt with something that you just can’t figure what to do? Well, we face this problem regularly. It’s frustrating when we have no clue what to do and how to make the right decision. After hours spending on finding a solution, we become stress because we are not achieving anything. Well, I’m here to tell you that this does not have to happen. As human we sometime need to sit down and think everything through. We may think the problem is enormous, but after we are calm we see that it’s not a big deal. Life is not always about being stress. Life is about loving and living it. So just stay calm and everything will be okay.

Think of all the possibilities. Sometime it’s hard to think of everything without writing or brainstorming. Find a comfortable spot and doodle all the possibility. The best time is early in the morning because outside would be like in the movie where everything is easy and calm.Think of the disadvantage and advantage that can happen. This is just brainstorming so keep it simple. Keeping it simple will help you think of more ideas.

Ask for Advice. It’s always good to ask a friend or family member for their thought about your next step. Sometime they may point out a few tips that may trigger your light bulb to light up. Two brains are better than one brain is something my friend always tells me. Don’t struggle by not asking for help. You have nothing to lose.

Sleep on it. When you think for hours your brain tends to shut down. When you feel that you are going no where, take a time out. Call a friend to go, hang out, take a walk, or just sleep on it. Sleeping will help your brain to rest and recharge. A decision made is always made when the brain is fresh.

However, remember that if you fail then learn from it. Use the experience you have to improve in your making the right decision. Life does not end because you make one wrong decision. Believe in second chance and believe in yourself.

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