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Stop Judging & Scroll Past!

I am very passionate about writing. I love speaking from my heart and telling people how I truly feel, even if it may hurt their feelings at times. Some tell me to stop sharing so much. Well, that’s just who I am. If you don’t want to read what I am writing, you have the choice to scroll past. I live with not just my heart on my sleeve, but my life on my sleeve. I am an open-book. And I love to share my feelings and thoughts with others. I don’t like, nor do I understand, why most people need to be so private with their lives. My thoughts are, “what are they hiding!?!?” But I have learned to realize that is just how some people are. For whatever reason, they need to hide their true selves and hide how they feel and remain a mystery to the world. Cool. No judgment here. For I am sure these are the very people who go nuts over my over-posting or over-sharing and my no-filter mouth.

So I ask you all, to calm it with your judgments and let people be who they are.

Do I like to see 10 pictures a day, every day, about my friends or cousins babies? No. But you will never hear me tell them to stop posting so many pictures of their babies! You know what I do? There is this *magical* button that allows you to scroll past things you don’t care to see. I am not sure if people forget this thing exists when they get stuck reading or seeing things they don’t care about or if people have moved to being so judgmental that they can’t stop themselves from looking and judging. For this very reason, I don’t “unfollow” people because then I don’t see any of their posts and I am certain they post more than just photos of their baby. Some days, I scroll past. But some days, I don’t. I stop and I look at this photo of this baby and smile for what it is, a beautiful creature. Some days, I need to see that and remember how precious life is in this cruel world we live in.

I know I personally got unfollowed and even unfriended this last election. I wanted to be like, “really? Give me a break! That election was NOT a normal election!” But to each their own. For most of my friends know that 90% of what I post is not political. If they want to miss out on 90% of my life for the 10% they didn’t agree with, then so be it. It just showed me how close-minded they really are. I don’t unfollow my friends who have different political views from me or different views on other issues in life. That is who they are and it is okay for us to disagree. If I don’t like what they’re saying, I try my damnedest to bite my tongue and scroll past. I just don’t see why it is so hard for people to scroll past! Quit getting annoyed when you have that choice and stop being so judgmental. I try to remember those days when I really needed to see that precious baby photo and what it did for me in that moment or that day. And I think to myself that maybe someone out there really needed to see this post, for whatever reason! I hear people all the time being annoyed by, “this person posts to many photos of their kids” to “this person posts too much politics” to “this person blah blah blah”, scroll past! Did it ever occur to you that just because you didn’t like their posts that maybe they’re not for you? Maybe they post so many pictures because they have family out of state who really loves seeing 100 million pictures of their kids. Maybe these people who are passionate about an issue want to reach people’s hearts and minds and try to turn them. Maybe for some people, this is their only resource for venting. I have to remind myself sometimes, when I feel I am starting to get annoyed that if this post didn’t speak to me, it wasn’t for me. It was meant for someone else. And when you can see the beauty in that, you won’t be so annoyed.

I look at Facebook as everyone’s safe space to express themselves and share with the world what they choose to. If you find yourself getting annoyed, it is because society has wired this auto-judgment mode into our minds and it is up to you to undo that. When we live in such a world full of judgments and critics, I ask people to take a step back and stop judging others for simply living their lives and sharing their lives the way they choose to. We all have choices; the choice to share what we want, read what we want, see what we want, and don’t forget, the choice to scroll past!

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