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Thriving During Tough Times – Survival Tip #2 – Take Action to Deal With Fear and Create More Option

When crisis or tough times hit, it is easy to give up on your dreams and get caught up in paralyzing fear.  We all deal with fear from time to time.  During crisis and tough times, fear is just intensified.  We need to be prepared to acknowledge the fear and show courage.  After all, courage is taking positive action in the face of fear, it is not taking action in the absence of fear!

Focusing on growth and positive action takes no more energy than worrying about the uncertainty and unknown.  However, it does have many other positive psychological, mental, emotional, spiritual, and financial benefits, unlike worry and fear.

So, what kind of dramatic growth and positive action is most beneficial during tough times?  Well, dramatic growth and positive action directed at a top down look at your business, profession, and personal life is very valuable during tough times.  You can not assume that anything is going to move you forward during tough times.  You must assess and evaluate all aspects of your life to determine if and what will create the right results during these tough times.

“I shall do less whenever I shall believe what I am doing hurts the cause and I shall do more whenever I shall believe doing more will help the cause. I shall try to correct errors when shown to be errors and I shall adopt new views so fast as they shall appear to be true views.”

— Abraham Lincoln

In your business life, get back to the basics.  Assess and evaluate all your expenses and investments.  Are they targeted in the right areas and at the right audiences?  Do you have the right value proposition for your current clients and new prospects/leads?  Is your business model resilient and will it be going forward?  How do you alter your business and your business model to adapt to the shifts in spending in the marketplace?  What weekly disciplines, dialogues, discoveries, and decisions are the most important to focus on during these tough times?

In your professional life, get back to the basics.  Assume that you must find new ways to be valuable to your organization.  Assess and evaluate your strengths and past contributions and look for new ways to apply them during tough times.  Eliminate activities that bring little value in your current role.  Implement a weekly professional development plan the focuses on the right disciplines, dialogues, discoveries, and decisions!  Evaluate each week and take bold action in at least one area to move forward.  Assess, adjust, and look for new opportunities and options!

In your personal life, get back to the basics.  Assume the past family and personal operational models are antiqued.  Look at how you currently generate income and assess and evaluate the contribution of those roles in this new economy.  Don’t bank on any given job or role for a secure future income.  Look for ways to build on your past successes and current strengths to make better contributions to your employer and the marketplace.  Seek ways to diversify your income and find new streams of income.  Look at each and every expense on a weekly and monthly basis.  Find ways to reduce each line item expense while maintaining or improving your ability to function and the quality of your life.  Implement a weekly personal development plan the focuses on the right disciplines, dialogues, discoveries, and decisions!

Most importantly, acknowledge the fear you are feeling.  Step through that fear into the courageous zone.  Look for one way to take dramatic action today, or this week, to deal with your fear and create more options.  Re-evaluate each day or week and repeat.  Within a few days or weeks, you will see new opportunities and options to move forward!

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